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History of U.I.T.O.

The Quad City area of Iowa and Illinois has been home to Native American heritage for centuries. Black Hawk is one of the most recognized leaders in the history of the area. Black Hawk's love for Saukenuk, a principal village on the Rock River, is well known.

Today, Urban Indian Tribal Organization, founded in 1998, has also developed attachments to the Mississippi Valley. With pride in each of our heritages, we are working to establish a multi-purpose organization that addresses the needs of Native Americans in the Quad City area. A main goal of U.I.T.O. is to remove barriers between Native Americans and the larger community by providing ready access to Native American customs and beliefs through educational programs and presentations.


 "It is our dream to share the history, music and spirituality of Native Americans with the public. This area is rich in Native history that will enrich the lives of the community." Les Miller, Founder of U.I.T.O.


The Mission of Urban Indian Tribal Organization is to improve the conditions of life and preserve the cultural heritage of the Native American in the Quad City area.


The Target of Urban Indian Tribal Organization is to illuminate the realities of Native American Culture:

  • Educate people about Native Americans
  • Dispel stereotypes
  • Help Native American youths learn more about their culture

Urban Indian Tribal Organization is a             non-profit organization.